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    Clothing to SLAY your day In!

    Dreamkissed. is for the free-spirited baddies and dreamers who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd. Dreamkissed. tops are not just tops, they're a display of who you are and what you’re made of, an outward reflection of your inner confidence to slay every day! 

    The Dreamkissed. mission is to empower young women to feel self-assured in who they are, arming them with the confidence to be themselves. You can't tackle life in your favorite old tee and you can't tackle it in clothing that is itchy, uncomfortable and has zero style. Dreamkissed. has worked hard to fix this issue, and we’ve succeeded in designing tops with both comfort and style. In our soft, comfortable, and super cute Dreamkissed. tops, young women will feel poised and confident!

    Young Women Designing For Young Women

    Dreamkissed. is a woman owned company that is extremely proud to have a young woman President. At Dreamkissed., we don’t have to contemplate about what you young women want in clothing, we know exactly what you want…HOW?

    Because our President is one of you and she wants the same things! It is important to us that the youthfulness, liveliness and yes, sexiness, of young women is integrated in all our designs

    We’re obsessed with Versatility!

    Dreamkissed. designs casual and sophisticated solid-color mix n' match clothing. We offer unparalleled versatility providing several different looks for various occasions. Our clothing is designed to make you feel chic whether barefoot or in heels. Dreamkissed. is with you during the work day, out for a night on the town, and even a fun day at the beach!


    American Quality….

    All Dk. tops are made in LA, which ensures our tops are made of the highest quality. Dk. tops are superior because they are made with American ingenuity and grit.

    ...Infused with LA LOVE!



    Sacrifice for your dreams,
    not the comfort of your clothing!

    Dreamkissed. has succeeded in creating clothing for young women that is soft, breathable and as comfortable as her favorite tee, but designed to make her feel confident, empowered and sexy. Made with premium American-made soft fabrics treated with moisture management, Dreamkissed. takes luxe clothing to the next level!

    We’re Focused on the Details! 
    It is important to us that we always pay attentionn to the minute details of Dreamkissed. clothes. Due to this core value, our clothes are designed to be tagless. This enhances their comfortability; our goal is to provide comfort right from the start. Our clothing is designed to make you feel chic whether barefoot or in heels. Dreamkissed. is with you during the work day, out for a night on the town, and even a fun day at the beach!





    There's Nothing 'Standard' About Dk.,
     Not even our Labels!

    Dreamkissed. caters to a number of different body types, we strive to include everyone in our brand. From the beauties that wear XS to the beauties that wear L, they can find cute and comfy clothing at Dreamkissed.
    But because we focus on confidence, and we are not the usual, Dreamkissed. will not use the standard x-small, small, medium, and large labels. Instead labels will read, in corresponding order exquisite, stunning, elegant, and marvelous.